Items for sale:  
  • The Official Davin Racing Shirt  (This is the same shirt worn by team members.)
  • The Official Davin Racing Team Hat
  • The 2018 Davin Racing Poster
  • IRL Car, 2002 G-Force, 3 Chevy. Engines, Spares
  • 1999 53 FeatherLite Trailer, Cabinets, Lift Gate
  • 1999 Volvo Tractor, Loaded
  • IRL Car: G-Force (1999), 2 Olds. engines, spares
  • Racing Parts and Supplies
  • Safety Equipment
  • Davin Racing Hats, Tee Shirts, Golf Shirts and Parkas
  • Finish Line™ Car Care Products
  • Petron Plus©™ Products and Petronics Products
  • Petron Product/Auto Assurances After Market Auto Warranties
Pit Utility Vehicles / ATV's
Davin Racing is pleased to announce and offer a new line of Pit Utility Vehicles (PUVs)/ATVs for use by race teams.

These rugged PUVs/ATVs are ideal for all your pit, padock and race shop uses. Equipped with high torque engines, automatic transmissions, disc brakes, front and rear equipment racks, electric start, high and low beam headlights, brake lights, and 23 inch tires.

$1,999.00 .

Standard colors: red, blue, black, yellow, and green.
(Custom colors and logos available at customer request)

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Petron Plus Formula 7 Products Available

Davin Racing is pleased to announce we are a distributor for the full line of Petron Plus Formula 7 Products. Petron Plus has been one of our sponsors since 1991, and now we are able to provide the same high quality products to the public, that we have been using in our race cars, transporters, and shop equipment.
Petron Plus Automotive Products  
  • Automotive Friction Reducer - 12oz
  • Diesel Friction Reducer - 12oz/1gal
  • Transmission and Gearbox Friction Reducer - 12oz
  • Automatic Transmission Supplement - 12oz
  • Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner - 12oz
  • 4 Cycle Lube - 12oz
  • 2 Cycle Motor Oil - 32oz
  • 2 Cycle Marine Oil - 32oz
General Industrial Products  
  • Industrial Transmission and Gearbox Friction Reducer - 1gal/2.5gal
  • Industrial Super Lube - 1gal
  • Industrial Super Lube Aerosol - 3oz/12oz
  • Penetrate Aerosol - 12oz/1gal
  • Hydralic Fluid Supplement - 12oz/1gal/2.5gal
  • High Temperature Extreme Pressure Lithium Complex Grease - 14oz/35lb/120lb
  • High Temperature Extreme Pressure Aluminum Complex Grease - 13oz/35lb/110lb
Metal Working Products  
  • Metal Form 2000 - 1gal/2.5gal
  • Metal Form 2000P - 1gal/2.5gal/54gal
  • Metal Pro Alpha - 1gal/2.5gal
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